Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Adds in a Game Breaking Bug & Other Hidden Changes

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Today we talk about some of the undocumented or hidden changes around Cyberpunk 2077’s patch 1.1 update. The update introduced some pretty major changes to the game, some of which didn’t make the patch notes.

00:00 – Patch Issues
00:31 – Game Breaking Takemura Bug
02:05 – Takemura Bug Fix
03:51 – Item Reroll Removed
06:07 – Larger Crowds
06:27 – Major FPS Drop
07:05 – Overall Patch Reactions



Takemura Bug:
Takemura Bug Community Fix:
Performance Loss After Patch:

Takemura Bug Gameplay:

Author – yato32

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39 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 New Update Adds in a Game Breaking Bug & Other Hidden Changes”

  1. Well….guess I'm glad I have a end game file with every legendary or epic that can possibly roll legendary all with max sockets as that's no longer possible… Pretty lame they removed the reroll aspect since there was really no downside to it, give the players the option to properly gear their character as they want to. If people don't want to take the time to reroll items that's their prerogative; but for people like myself, I want every item maxed out so I can mix and match as I want, and will take the time to do so. Samurai one day, netrunner the next.

  2. Another bug has returned. After each crash, the Cyberpunk2077.exe disappears/deleted.
    This was fixed in hotfix 2, now it's back….
    So make sure you take a backup of your exe, and save it on the desktop, cause even if you make a copy in the game folder, it also removes your backup….

  3. I did'nt noticed framedrops, au contraire; Game runs slghty better than before for me, and i don't have any beastly pc, it just has a RTX 2070 ti paired with I5 10400 F and 32 gigs or ram. Almost a middle of te road machine.

  4. This game will never ever leave the "fucked up" state. It'll always be like this. Patches fix one fire and start a new one. This is the biggest fucking let down in years

  5. 100 hrs in game on PC, no crash. 1st game on new update crashes twice. Verified integrity of game files, restart. Brendan bug still not fixed, stops the quest line and blocks Watson achievement. Meanwhile, they remove looting features that offer random rolls on stats, why? If I'm CDPR I'm doing anything I can to save this game, instead they decide to remove features rather than focusing on removing the numerous bugs that plague the game. I was hoping things could only get better from here, but apparently they want to make things worse.

  6. Car spawns work better. Before I would have to jump to get the car to spawn near me and not 100s of km away taking a min or 2 to get to me. Now it feels almost instant. FPS increased slightly, but I noticed less crowd density and had to check they didnt change my settings. Shadow popping in late as you drive or run fast is now a thing thats VERY noticeable. Glitches are still there. Not sure if its more stable or not. TV in intro loading now works. Just could only hear it before. On PC.

  7. I don't think patch 1.2 will bring any overhauls in game, there are so many bugs. I do hope it does, but it's very very hard. Since they have like 6 months of work, only to get rid of bugs sadly


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