Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Walkthrough Part 12 | Evelyn's Proposition

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But Dexter is C O O L

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Walkthrough Part 12 | Evelyn's Proposition”

  1. Something about you trusting Dex bother me. Dex is the epitome of back stabbing gangsters that say big talk of honor and trust only to shoot you a bullet in the back of your skull because you did your job and not need you to speak about it. The girls are you they don't want Dex to know what the chip have inside that is why they want you to forget him.

  2. my GOD i just found out you've started making content again, and i cried a little, you're my favorite Youtuber of all time dude, and i was so sad when you stopped making content. i have sincerely missed your content man! I've followed you since way back before the creatures were an office.

  3. Hm, just saw another of "my" Youtubers playing as a Nomad on PC, and in character creation he got a "genitals"-section (yay, set pee-length and others xD), where Seamoose had only the scars and stuff. Is it a thing between PC and PS5 oder between Nomad and CORP?


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