Cyberpunk 2077 women should only show their ankles! NPC puritans demand they cover up!

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Journalists are trying to act like they have integrity when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, but they just keep falling back to the same old nonsense.

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26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 women should only show their ankles! NPC puritans demand they cover up!”

  1. Sexism? Misogyny? Really? Well, a side mission I did in Cyberpunk 2077 involved me infiltrating a stripe club full of gyrating male strippers called the “Dicky Twister” tells a completely different story!🤣 PS I really lucked out on the Xbox Series X as it looks like it’s running how it should have ran on the last gen consoles only leaving behind typical minimal non-game breaking bugs before Updates, Patches & of course that February Series X optimisation upgrade

  2. My personal opinion is if you create any piece of fiction based in the real world, and night city is located in California USA, then it would be immersion breaking and unrealistic to not have people who are homophobic xenophobic misogynistic, etc. cuz that's just how the world is. They want this world of dandy daisies that doesn't exist where no one will ever offend you or talk down to you or about you or disagree with your ideals. I thought anyone who's been through highschool would understand that fact. Wake the fuck up.

  3. It's kind of mind-boggling how these people don't realize that these things in the game: corruption, racism, sexism, the game itself is critiquing these things by showing how bad one city can get with these things left to grow out of control. Guess it's over their heads.

  4. About the highlighted paragraphs:

    First and foremost, for centuries, in thriving cities there are always 3 dirty businesses: War (or violence); Sex; and Drugs. For the former two, you can go back to medieval times (and even further) and find those kind of businesses. For the latter, you can go back to 400-ish AC with opium. So… very old. And with new technology, you can bet people will find ways to innovate their business.

    Next we have sexual liberation and sex in general. If you go back to the renaissance era, do you think they were open to sexual topics like porm (kinda) is today? Or having "THE TALK" with your children? Or sexual orientation? NO, both for men and women. This topics have become less taboo with the years, so it makes since that this topics would be SO open in 2077. And talking about sexual topics, let's go back to the renaissance era and what women dressed. Back then, like YellowsFlash mention, you could barely saw a ankle and they would be treated as "floozy". As the years pass by, women have started wearing less and less clothes, while considering it empowering. It only makes since that they would wear even less clothes in 2077.

    And lastly, the "dehumanizing yellow peril" nonsense. Have you seen how Japanese (and other Asian people) are at work? What "WORK" means to them? Or what about how they went from fighting with horses and swords against the american / european gatling guns all the way to be the top dogs on what technology refers in like a century and a half? It only makes since that they would become THE technological powerhouse of the future.

  5. it's funny they designed a game to offend people and they're probably laughing that its offending people.
    i read an article yesterday where the woman called cd project red cultural appropriators but refuses that a black man ( Mike Pondsmith) created cyberpunk period and what did they steal a mauri tattoo. my thought was like its ok if the rock dose it but if puts a single tattoo you get ass hurt.

  6. The Guardian is a well known left wing "intellectual" newspaper read by the wokest of the woke in the UK, people who vote for labour and are employed the ultra diverse bbc.

    The best use for the print version is for starting dumpster fires, or covering the bottom of your cat's litter tray.

  7. get off youtube with your shitty politics rants you dumb fuck. Or your channel is gonna start getting shit ton of reports and this shit will leak onto your real life as well 🙂 this is the last warning you're ever gonna get.

  8. Trees are sexist. Cut them all down! Oxygen is sexist. Fill up the atmosphere with CO2. Water is sexist. Don’t EVER EVER DRINK IT!. Fish are sexist ESPECIALLY cod! Hair is sexist so make sure to shave it all off! Motor oil is sexist so drain all of your engines! There are millions of everyday objects that are sexist so make sure to destroy them all including your homes cause those are sexist too!

  9. It’s not THAT buggy. My PC isn’t nearly top of the line, and the only bug I’ve seen was a couple launch issues (only on day 1) and entities stuttering on an elevator. That’s a super common bug in general, not just this genera.


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