Cyberpunk 2077's Current State Before Patch 1.1 – Patch 1.06 Performance Review

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CD Projekt Red has promised that Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 will arrive any day now, so we wanted to take one last look at how patch 1.06 is performing ahead of the next large update to the controversial title.

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36 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077's Current State Before Patch 1.1 – Patch 1.06 Performance Review”

  1. I played it on the series x, with that said I got lucky. In the 80+ hours it only crashed twice. I sincerely enjoyed the game. It can only get better, too bad most ppl didn't enjoy it.

  2. The worst part of this disaster is CD Projekt lied and continues to lie. Of course they knew it ran like shite that’s why they blocked review code. So pleased to see Xbox and Sony pull the game from the store. No one should buy this game. Revisit in 18-24 months then maybe…

  3. Too bad "performance" in today's games is generally associated with just visuals and frame rates when it's supposed to be much more than that, but I guess this must be what 1.06 is meant to 'refine' (not fix because clearly it's NOT fixed). Just a little more surface polish.

  4. I haven't heard anything about support for the game from them besides the promise of Expansions and the very vague roadmap they showed last week. They even went as far as to say the "leaked" article that talked about a No Man's Sky type of revival wasn't true. Doesn't mean they don't have plans but lets temper our expectations.

  5. as someone who has finished it with over 50 hours played this game
    shouldve had at least 2 more years development even if the bugs
    were sorted theres still not much to the game. its just not that fleshed out unfortunately

  6. My 2cents, no one expected No man's sky to make a comeback but expecting a predestined path might not always have an expected outcome. Well what do I know, but I'd love to be wrong🤞


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