Cycles – Friday Night Funkin' (Sonic.exe) | Orchestral Cover

I was having trouble with my usual orchestral libraries, so I had to use a different template for this track as well. Does it sound different to you?


Orchestral Cover: Written and Orchestrated by JJ Molyneux

Original Piece and Melodies: UpTaunt (I believe)

MIDI by: NoahWantsDie

Fan Art – ichimoral on DeviantArt

Software used;
-FL Studio
-East West Composer Cloud


29 thoughts on “Cycles – Friday Night Funkin' (Sonic.exe) | Orchestral Cover”

  1. this is great and amazing! I really love how it feels like it was plucked straight out of a horror scene from oa movie or game. if I may make a request, could you please do a cover of honorbound from the Friday night fortress mod?

  2. Yoooo this song is so good, I like how dark and somewhat dramatic it sounded. I agree with the comments that I say it’s like a horror movie. Can you do a last reel cover from the indie cross mod?

  3. i love how you made Lord X songs you are able to give them that creepy factor that the songs normally lach of
    maybe what about doing a cover of "faker" from the sonic.exe mod

  4. Amazing, now make a cover of four-way fracture or quadruple quarrel lol. Wonder how long it’ll take if he did do them since both are pretty much 10 minutes long

    Omnipresent would take longer since it’s 15 minutes long


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