D-SIDES FEAST UPDATE 2.7 | Sonic.EXE/Mighty.ZIP- Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin’ D-Sides FEAST Thanksgiving UPDATE 2.7 (majin, sonic.exe, lord x, god z, mighty.zip) – Friday night funkin’

0:00 Cutscene
0:58 Thanksgiving Feast
2:14 Mighty.Zip Dialogue
2:32 Feastin’

Mod Page:

Cool people who work on the mod:


philiplol – Lead Composer

gc – Week 3 Composer

Lolika – Composer

QoDax – Composer

Rareblin – Composer

Biddle3 – Composer


FifLeo – Lead Artist and Animator

Dastardly Deacon – Character Designer

EllisBros – Artist

AnInternetsEcho – Artist

S q u i s h – Artist and Animator

OfficiallyThat – BG Artist


philiplol – Lead Programmer

Cval – Programming Assistance

Dieg – Programmer

Jackie.exe – Programmer

NebulaZorua – Programmer

Voice Actors

Band – Voice Actor (BF)

philiplol – Voice Actor (Daddy Dearest and Chester)

SuperKirbyLover – Voice Actor (Girlfriend)

RecD – Voice Actor (Pico)

Prinny – Voice Actor (Mommy Mearest)

JimboGames – Voice Actor (Pump)

kloogybaboogy – Voice Actor (Skid)

transkanye – Voice Actor (Nene)

Plank – Voice Actor (Darnell)

Beethovenus – Voice Actor (Sensei)

EllisBros – Voice Actress (Lemon Bambino)


satokapi – Character Design Concept (Thorns)

SwappyBlue – Character Design (Sensei)

OfficiallyThat – Character Design (Planeman)

EvilLemons0 – Character Design (LB)

Yoruni – Criticism

SuperKirbyLover – Criticism, Beta Tester.

B3 Team – Beta Tester

Hellbeats Team – Beta Tester

green stranger – Beta Tester

PooterStapot – Beta Tester

DatDavi – Beta Tester

The Psych Engine Team – Psych Engine


41 thoughts on “D-SIDES FEAST UPDATE 2.7 | Sonic.EXE/Mighty.ZIP- Friday Night Funkin'”

  1. Sunky and mitee in the back is adorable basically having to bring your baby sibling fot the holidays if you couldn't find a babysitter

    2:16 Also they really gave this dude dialogue on Thanksgiving in a Thanksgiving mod surprisingly it's quite tame..for a murder possessed armadillo mighty..

  2. Why is Sunk, Fleet-Way and Majin plus the doll here fleetway ain't exe majin ain't exe well Sunky is a exe but he's peaceful and Tails Doll is just some random doll who appeared in a racing game

  3. Don't know if it was intentional or not that normal .EXE has Slaybells, a Christmas themed song and D-Sides has Trick or Flee, a Halloween themed song, and the song where they come together is this one, a Thanksgiving themed song which just so happens to be between Halloween and Christmas


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