DARK theory explains Halo’s BIGGEST mysteries and EVERYTHING leading up to Halo Infinite

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38 thoughts on “DARK theory explains Halo’s BIGGEST mysteries and EVERYTHING leading up to Halo Infinite”

  1. Ok i just paused the video on 13:55

    So the precursors where the ones “in charge” of fulfilling the mass mind that the universe(and also god) want to rebuild.

    But the precursors failed. Thanks to the forerunners.

    BUUT because god/the universe can affect evolution they transformed the dust that Precursors became and evolved it into the flood. And the flood itself is a mass mind.

    So is the flood actually moved and/by god’s/the universe will?

    So literally the forerunners and humans have been battling god’s will (it being the flood)

    Hahaha sounds cool to me tho… big fan Sean! Saludos desde México 🇲🇽 !

  2. All this knowledge was uncomprehendable by my little mass mind (brain).
    I had to rewind 20 seconds almost every minute to absorb this.
    I hope the world is watching this, the Big Bang Theory and the Big Crunch Theory can now be linked in real life and explained to some extent.

  3. Have you ever looked at the outcomes of evolution? Even if you drop from Deist to Panentheistic, it's still quite clear that it's not "driven" in any meaningful intelligent way. (See things like how whale fetuses grow legs, then absorb them again. Or the laryngeal nerve in giraffes. Or…)

  4. So, in the hierarchy of advancement, according to your very probable hypothesis: Forerunners <Precursors <Universal Intelligence
    I've thought this myself, but you put it in a way that explains the actions of the precursors, flood, and why the logic plague is so effective. It also may make the Milky Way the most interesting to the Universal Mind, as it was destroyed AGAIN in that region. The effects of which may be worth observation.

  5. Bro the things halo has bz of guys like this makes it that much more touching and real even tho it’s got aliens flying about but the mass mind isn’t far off I mean think about bees and ants they communicate with the leader (gravemind) telepathically and when we sleep even we are able to kinda hack into other people or a greater mind tree to find out knowledges wouldn’t know otherwise I mean I feel this tree of knowledge also however it takes being sat in the dark for over a week before you start to feel a flow of information you would never have known before but the gov don’t really want us to know it’s there

  6. I also wonder why Halo 6, is in fact called “Infinite”. Halo has always had a spiritual aura to it that I think even the developers couldn’t explain. If my intuition serves me right – we might be getting something more than we bargained for with this game. I really hope 343 did use Bear’s groundwork for this Infinite and beyond.

  7. I personally think that Halo should end like dead space 3 after the DLC. With the flood invading earth and the chief talking to the reincarnation of the precursors to come up with a solution to the flood invasion. Ending with chief having to make a difficult choice like at the end of Mass Effect 3. But not a shipoopy.

  8. Hey Sean, thanks for your content. In my opinion, this and the original video are your BEST work, hands down. I agree with and wish YouTube would have picked different videos to add to their up and coming content creators. This content is what separates you from the other creators and makes you my favorite. Thanks again for the positivity and happy holidays🤙🏽

  9. Some years ago while watching Christopher hitchens debates, I came to this logical conclusion, and I'm an agnostic athiest.
    I am part of the universe.
    I am concious.
    Therefore, the universe is concious.
    This also means everything that is, has the potential for consciousness, and everything is the sum of its parts, meaning there is only the universe, dreams are real, and so is God because people thought it into existence. We manifest things into reality every time we build something if you think about it. Every single thing we make, arose from a thought, and over time the things we make have evolved us into what we are, and are becoming still. When we've fully assimilated with machines (which we will no doubt), are we our own gods at that point, or do we just redefine what being sentient means?


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