Death Guard Codex Review | Warhammer 40k | Walkthrough & Discussion of Lore, Datasheets, and Crusade

Mortarion has blessed us with his wisdom…FINALLY!

The Chaos Cultist joins me as we review the Death Guard codex cover to cover and discuss the art, rules, datasheets, and everything inside the book! (We are mortal, I think, so please forgive us if we misread anything.)

In particular, I have to admit that I am VERY excited for the Blightlord Terminators as well as the general potential of comboing Auras together in this army.

Tune in and find out more!

I’ve been Angela and I will see you all next time!


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I will see you all next time.

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0:00 Introduction / Welcome
0:40 Table of Content / Narrative
14:38 Detachment / Army Building Ruins
32:50 Stratagems
39:30 Deadly Pathogens & Warlord Traits
47:40 Relics and Psychic Powers
59:45 Crusade Rules
1:05:20 Datasheets & Army Abilities


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