Defeats of my favourite video game villains part VI

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Villains Quotes:
“It will always gonna end like this. All your hard work… all your sacrifice… only sped up its process. And now, you find yourself alone. Only death awaits.” – Arthur Edwards
“…” – The Thin man
“…” – Sarge
“…” – Daddy Dearest
“Fools! Lackwits! Did you think that that you… you, with your small but admittedly tasty-looking brains, could stop me, the master of all zombies? Then by all means, give it a try.” – Dr Zomboss
“Yes! Craftword is a land of Uproar now! Ecery fear, every nightmare, will become reality! Oh, this is going to be FUN!” – Vex
“You’re fighting against the inevitable, Hulk. I’m simply the final product of natural selection. The strong survive. I’m the strongest. I survived. When you go against me, you go against the laws of nature. Admit it! You’ll die at my hands momentarily anyway. Let your last words be honest ones! Remove the blinders from your eyes and see the truth! I AM THE FUTURE!” – Maestro
“You know, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we must obey the rules of the game. We can pick the game, Niko Bellic, but we cannot change the rules.” – Dimitri Rascolov
“I came after the Coopers to prove that Le Paradox is the greatest thief who has ever lived! Is there any doubt?” – Cyrille le Paradox

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