Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  2. I'm happy for Dozier, the guy has been working and been reliable might earn end up in a starting lineup. … And mpg is gonna have a 50+ point game in his career

  3. Nuggs are missing so many key players now. Barton, Jamal, and M.M.
    With Gary Harris gone, which was devestating for me as a fan, they are now very thin on the guard position.
    Its games like these that show how much of a valuable player Jokic is.
    Hope Gordon and Rivers can keep being solid during this postseason and that Porter staya healthy

  4. Since we all know that Jokic is unanimous MVP this season, MPJ is looking great. I mean Houston did a terrible job defending him (how do you still get free looks with 25points?…) but MPJ shows that he may be a future Allstar. He needs to work on creating his own shot but other than that mans is ready.

  5. Our Denver has got squad like in hockey team😂. You can choose starters, role or bench players and everyone shows their skill and chemistry(specifically Facu with MPJ and Joker with Dozier)😎Dangerous for anyone in PO
    P. S. I hope Bol will play much more in PO. Cuz he's talent

  6. Embiid is a walking zombie. He misses everything. He will be patched up by doctors for the playoffs and in two years he will not be able to stand on the floor. Too bad, great player but he is constantly injured ..

  7. 1:33 ffs that foul was heard! Go bet till it's hot, Nuggets are taking the 💍 Locked into first round matchup with Lakers, couldn't ask for more! Finals Nuggets – Nets! Aaron Gordon has something to prove vs Davis, I'm sure he has what it takes. It's so weird watching Nuggets playing defense this good xD

  8. Bol bol shoul play more minutes Milsap and Gordon is not that good in defence (Gordon and Bol shoud split minutes) and MPJ should play SF. Can someone tells me where is Morris?


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