DF Direct Weekly: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade PS5, Switch Pro, PSN Stores Closing + WHAT'S IN THE BOX

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DF Weekly Direct returns with Rich, John, Alex and Audi discussing Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5, the latest Switch Pro rumours, the mooted demise of legacy PlayStation Stores but more importantly… answers to the question: WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:15 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Trailer
00:14:01 Switch Pro Rumors – AGAIN
00:24:30 PSN Stores for PS3, PSP & PS Vita closing
00:44:50 Mario 3D All Stars discontinued
00:50:40 Retro Corner
01:05:41 DF Content Discussion
01:21:24 What’s In The Box, Rich?
01:38:09 Digital Foundry Supporter Q+A

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24 thoughts on “DF Direct Weekly: Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade PS5, Switch Pro, PSN Stores Closing + WHAT'S IN THE BOX”

  1. Speaking of options….you know, you could be the second podcast on Spotify after Joe Rogan Show that supports videostreams as well in tandem with audio, so you are still able to show game play snippets to those who are inclined to watch them just like on YouTube while the rest can just lay back and close the eyes while listening to your mellow voices. Great idea, isn't it? John, ich möchte euch echt gerne auf Spotify hören, das wär klasse! Und ich bin immerhin Mega Man!

  2. You were completely wrong about the Switch Pro and confused the whole internet for no good reason.
    Please stick to analysis, making predictions is not you guys' thing.


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