Did Bethesda Just TEASE STARFIELD 2021?!

I breakdown why the community believes Bethesda just teased a Starfield 2021 release date!

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40 thoughts on “Did Bethesda Just TEASE STARFIELD 2021?!”

  1. There was a lot of space themed stuff in Fallout 4 as well. A lot in fact. Especially in the DLC Nuka World. It’s almost as if Bethesda plans on taking the Fallout franchise to space.

  2. Fantastic Phoenix Wright intro. Maybe next time have the judge be the fanbase or microsoft, but having the girl be just some random person that todd keeps making buy skyrim was priceless dude

  3. Yo skullzi this is what I have been waiting for. I know all of mysteries of 76 and the winter event is what I have been waiting for an expansion or explanation on. Between the guidestones and the mysterious and I have been dying for more mysteries to dig into

  4. Ugh. 76 is not for me. Lipstick on a pig. Even Todd tells you. I bought the damn thing and can play it anytime, but I'd rather play modded FO4 every time.

  5. I know I don't speak for everyone Skullzi, but these retro anime intros are kinda getting old really fast, lol. I love your content though, but I always end up skipping into the video now.

  6. I dont see why not. XBOX ON also teased Starfield. I thinks its coming sooner than later. they are gearing up for something. XBOX just doesn't loosely tease Stuff, esp Starfield.

  7. They are finally expanding on the mysterious signal like I have desperately been wanting. Its in winter so that sucks but still. We have steel reign coming out this summer! On a personal note I absolutely cannot stand Juicehead anymore. Literally cannot take his negative attitude. They show us the most exciting roadmap yet and he still has his “this cool thing is coming out but it probably sucks” attitude. He is becoming another legacykiller 🤦🏼‍♂️. From this day forward I am sticking to Skullzi, Kingfanman, and Joeycaps gaming. Mattyplays is pretty fair as well. Juiceheads newest video made him seem like an entitled douche. Just an opinion and feel free to disagree but jesus christ. Can’t watch it anymore.

  8. Honestly, i don't think "Tales From The Stars", has anything to do with Starfield…Unless Fallout ties into Starfield.

    The 76 community has believed for a long time that the Flatwoods Monster is a Zeta alien and it was the Zeta that caused the Nuclear war.

    Going by logs found in 76 and Fallout 3's Mothership Zeta.


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