Did Leth really say this?

✦ Today we will debunk some false information that is being spread about Hollow Knight: Silksong, because I don’t want people complaing about Team Cherry “not delivering” on promises they’ve never made. ✦

I intentionally left out the name of the channel that made the video, since I’m sure they didn’t intentionally make false claims and I don’t want to send any sort of hate their way.

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45 thoughts on “Did Leth really say this?”

  1. This is the good kind of clickbait, getting my hopes up and then telling me to quit pressuring them. It made me realize that if we keep pressuring team cherry it might come out incomplete.
    I want them to take their time, I’m now going to stop checking every day for updates. 🙂
    Still… clickbait kinda succ tho >:(

  2. Yes the game is way bigger, but they also took way more time to finish this. Hollow knight was created in 1.5 years or something. Silksong is already in development since the summer of 2018 (after godmaster) so that’s 2,5 years already, and they said they could work quicker now, and I guess that now they know how to use the engine it will be way quicker as well

  3. I knew that silksong is going to be bigger than HK and that's some kind of good and bad. Good, because, we are going to have a lot of gameplay! Bad, because, i don't really know why, but I think part 2 should be same as the 1st part.

    (But it's still cool!!!)

  4. Hey guys,

    I don't think I've ever recieved a complaint about Clickbait before, but on this video, originally titled "Hollow Knight: Silksong is finished?!", I recieved A LOT of those.

    Then I ran a poll on whether we should change the title or not, and 82% of the people responded with "the title is fine". So only 18% voted for a change of the title… is one way to look at it… but 18% of 17,000 people (which is the current view count of the video) is still over 3,000 people, so this is definitely an issue.

    Especially since most people who see the thumbnail/title don't click on it, which gives them the impression that the game is actually finished. That is the exact opposite of what we're trying to achieve, since we want to DEBUNK false information, not SPREAD it.

    I didn't want to change the title at first, because I was worried the YT algorithm might stop recommending the video and in effect push the other video, which is taking Leth's statement out of context and spreading false news. After talking to some other content creators tho, I now know that changing a title/thumbnail in itself will not affect the reach of a video, so then there was no reason not to change it anymore.

    Next I ran a poll on what to change the title into and I put the winner of that as the title for this video for a day. Unfortunately that title killed the engagement of the video, so I changed it to the next best option from that poll.
    Thank you for making me aware of the problem, I was very tunnel visioned on keeping it as is.

    Wish you a great day! 🙂

  5. I dont know if it will be hard for me to enjoy the game if it comes out two years from now or not. I dont want to have mixed feelings or something, I really hope it comes soon because all this news recently has been going on for too long I'm way to excited to wait another year it's been what, 2-3 years now? I dont want to pressure team cherry, I'm sure they're set on whatever plan their going with… but I just cant wait anymore. This is the first game I'm really following to the release so maybe that's why it's hard to be patient ;(

  6. I just finished hollow knight. and what a game. I think they already worked on marketing since it was free on psn last month. If they do like what team ninja did with nioh 2. The game is probably 2 months away from release.

  7. Hey bro! I got to know your channel thanks to the Hornet cover, plus the one about the white lady and I loved them, could you do a cover of Grimm? It would be fantastic for you. 👀❤️

  8. Lol you’re saying 3 people would struggle to make 2 games at once, while I am making 2 games at once by myself. OK fine they are both pretty bad and it’ll take me forever. Kudos to them that’s impressive! I would know that what they are doing is impressive, I’ve tried.


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