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50 thoughts on “Did you get Rosaria or…? | GENSHIN IMPACT”

  1. I was pulling for childe mainly cause i was bored and my sister really really wanted him, so yeah and I got barbara from the same exact spot where I wished on the cheap 1 pulls 👁👄👁

  2. Honestly I actually wanted her, so Genshin Impact gave me what I wished for. Lol

    (Said this way because I see others saying they basically got her by accident, rolling for someone else. And although I like all 3, I'm happy with her, based on my own playstyle.)

  3. Got Childe with no pity then got fischl finally, I get fischl three more times and Barbara two times no rosaria. BUT THEN ZHONG LI COMES AROUND. I GET HIM then ROSARIA and Diona. Wtf!? Lol

  4. I got rosaria on my other acc which i am now making my new main acc (i had diluc and keqing on my main bur whatever lol)

    Edit : i got rosaria on my main acc.
    My main acc is still ny main lol
    (Im ar39)


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