Diebulfrog79: Shortage for 2021 a video for Ali Carroll

Something a little strange and something a little weird. Not your normal YouTube channel. Beyond the doorway. Hi folks it’s your old pal Uncle Al
On a mad rant on the future.
a.) Beer Shortage: Nation wide starting in March. Thank you Democrats. Last until spring of 2022.
b.)Aluminum can shortage – China messing with the recycling system.
c.) Soda shortage- Sugar and carbon Dioxide supply /delivery problems.
d.)Oxygen (hospital grade) shortage – demand.
e.)Canned Soup shortage – lack of food supply, down to basic items.
f.)Canned corn shortage – China brought it out and bad harvest.
g.) Yeast Shortage- Start in April, same has last year
h.) Flour shortage – All type, same as last year.
i.) Spam Shortage – China buying all the pigs.
j.) Seed shortage and garden supplies
k.) Fresh Beef & poultry shortage – distribution/ and processing.
m.) Certain Snack food Shortages

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