Do video games lead to more crime?

Politicians have argued that PUBG and other such games should be banned in India because they lead to violence. Is that true?


Research: Prachi Yadav
Editing and thumbnail: Ajeesh Babu ➡️
Editing support: Ronit Soin ➡️


0:00 Introduction
2:43 What does the research say?
3:59 Impact of video games on aggression
4:50 Behavioural vs incapacitation effect
7:23 What causes violence then?
7:59 Video game addiction
9:30 Solutions


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0. Introduction

1. What does the research say

2. What causes violence then?,Why%20do%20children%20commit%20crimes%3F,peer%20pressure%20or%20substance%20abuse.

3. Video game addiction

4. Solutions


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43 thoughts on “Do video games lead to more crime?”

  1. Boyss…Pubg me Army bananese kuch nai hoga…agar tumme real winner winner chicken dinner karna hoga toh jake real life army join karo….U will be really proud of urself…..Btw Great explanation Sir🙏💯

  2. I play PUBG, free fire ,COD
    I have fun killing in it i thought i was insensitive
    Someone had an accident in front of me there was a lot of blood i was having a feeling like crying i knew i wasn't insensitive

  3. There is no link between video games and violence, it completely depends on your perception about game. Games are just fine ,If you keep in mind, that what you are playing is just game and has nothing to do with real life.
    But, problem is that most of games nowdays have so realistic graphics, that your brain actually gets confused between real life and game.

  4. the government is lacking is so many ways. but instead of improving themselves, they'd blame other things for the things happening.
    like that one politician blamed ripped jeans. old geezers.

  5. I play 2-3 hours daily games 😂 but my parents are okk with that because they demand for marks and creative art work … which I am doing very well …. So no clashes with my parents for that.


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