Doublelift on ALL CHAT being REMOVED | Doublelift

Talking about how riot games removed all chat from league of legends and why they should have addressed the trolls and inting players first
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30 thoughts on “Doublelift on ALL CHAT being REMOVED | Doublelift”

  1. Fun fact. The other day I had the same player in 2 games in row and whenever he died or something bad happend to him he spammed the N-Word. In the second game I asked if he is actually retarded or if someone hurt him in his childhood and guess what 🙂 I got chat restricted (only chat logs from this one game) and that dude still plays the game like nothing happend even tho he spammed the N-Word easily +300 times xD

    Apperently bein passive agressive is a bigger crime than permanently spamming racist slurs …

  2. died to a sion in a rank game earlier today said 'ns' he replied with thanks literally same game my MF spam pinged me and told me i was useless (multiple times) because he went full tank with a 2 level lead and was 1v9ing the game as i was 2/4/6 and he was 3/2/6

  3. this guy has literally made fun of people and said that they have mental health issues. i don't understand how he can be so toxic and abusive and try to act mature on these topics.

  4. This shit just shows how pathetic the soft community is now, and a chunk of riot must be in that snowflake community too. They give you A MUTE OPTION, YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO MUTE AND DISABLE ALL CHAT.

  5. It's disabled by default, people are enabling something and then instead of disabling it they cry about it. I doubt anyone is really doing this (or a large enough amount to amount to anything), it's just another PR ploy to "fix toxicity" by Riot. Toxicity (I really hate that word tbh) is in the int'ing (real inting, not "bad games") and trolls, not people spouting random nonsense that means literally nothing.

    Maybe I'm just old, but people are LOT less "toxic" these days that they used to. Then again, people are a lot more fragile than they used to be. When I spent way too many hours training for CS 1.6, CS:S, TF, and TF2 people were making death threats to me, my family, and unborn children among other insults over voice chats. In that situation they generally got bored, were kicked, or muted. That doesn't even come close to the raging people on Xbox live shooters (and it was definitely all ages that threatened to beat me, stab me, rape, etc, not just prepubescents). My favorite was always trash players in fighting games losing their minds after being anti-air'd the 8th time in a row.

    If things a raging lunatic/troll yells over a mic get to you then you've got bigger problems to worry about. If random flame over text gets to you, you've some major problems to address before you join the real world. That's how it is now, though. Every company has to be a parent and it's like people have a resolve more fragile than a soap bubble, way past ice crystals.

  6. Why the fk nobody is using mute button, that is something i simply can't understand??? Next preseason I'm expecting ranked with bots because why not!!! League is not dying, but there is people who tries to kill it.


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