Dr. Mundo but I'm a Mage and my cleavers deal 50% of your HP

Dr. Mundo but I’m a Mage and my cleavers deal 50% of your HP
League of Legends season 12 Dr. Mundo Gameplay!
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45 thoughts on “Dr. Mundo but I'm a Mage and my cleavers deal 50% of your HP”

  1. please play my cocaine attack speed trundle build 😀 its stupidly fun and you bonk like crazy while being a massive lane bully against champs like yone
    Runes: Lethal tempo, presence of mind, alacrity, cut the grass, second wind and overgrowth/revitalize
    items: Trinity force and B.O.R.K and then you can build whatever after
    Max W first if you want to hit the attack speed cap fast or q if you want to slow and get more damage 🙂
    it doesnt scale all that well but youll feel stupidly strong during lane phase and the split push is really good if you build hullbreaker

  2. That yuumi player saying sup diff while all she does is afk sit on the most fed champ and spam noskill abilities is the reason I ban the rat every time my teammate wants to pick it. Play a real support and do something if you wanna BM peasants.

  3. Try my gingerbread garen build! Garen with phase rush nimbus, water walking celerity tenacity and last stand. Build a Sunfire as your mystic as it helps proc phase rush then no one can kite you!

  4. If you like to be unkillable go heal power/shield power Tahm kench you get massive shields and your tongue whip (Q) you heal crazy amounts when low health aswell as if
    you ult a teammate you can give them a massive shield.

  5. Thanks for doing my build, Zwag!

    Another build that might be fun to do is Lethal Tempo On-Hit Ivern.

    Nashor’s -> Crit Mythic -> BoRTK (if tanky) or Wit’s (if AP heavy).
    Nightharvester+Stormrazor is pretty funny too, as second and third items— massive first auto+slow, then you just melt them with nashor’s autos.
    Third option would be the tanky style
    Sunderer->Nashor’s->winter’s Approach -> titanic

  6. Have you already done a lethal tempo jinx build? her range is busted already with her rockets and it makes it crazy. If i missed that vid someone pls link me, but its just a suggestion as lethal is bound to be nerfed soon enough


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