Dwarf Wizard | Baldur's Gate 3 | Early Access | Character Creation

Baldur’s Gate 3 is here! Finally! I am a huge, huge fan of the first 2; they are some of the very few RPGs I completed multiple times. Baldur’s Gate is a combat RPG, using the 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragon’s rules, set in the D&D world of Faerun. We’re playing as a Dwarf Wizard, because I like Dwarves and magic!

This is the first game I’ve done with Twitch integration, so viewers can see character details and inventory – plus they can vote on dialogue options in-game. It’s a very cool system! Want to join in? Find it on Twitch.tv/MordredViking!

This is Early Access, so expect bugs, crashes and all manner of other jankiness!

Baldur’s Gate 3 was given to me by Larian Studios at no charge.

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