Dyson Sphere Program | #5 INTERPLANETARY TITANIUM DELIVERY | Lets Play/Guide/Walkthrough

Build the most efficient intergalactic factory in space simulation strategy
game Dyson Sphere Program! Harness the power of stars, collect resources, plan and design production lines and develop your interstellar factory from a small space workshop to a galaxy-wide industrial empire
Combining Factorio and Satisfactory on a Galactic scale!

Dyson Sphere Program is a sci-fi simulation game with space, adventure,
exploration and factory automation elements where you have to build your
own galactic industrial empire from scratch
In the distant future, the power of science and technology has ushered a new age to the human race. Space and time have become irrelevant thanks
to virtual reality. A new kind of supercomputer has been developed – a machine which superior artificial intelligence and computing capability will
push humanity even further. There is only one problem: there isn’t enough
energy in the whole planet to feed this machine.
You are a space engineer in charge of a project launched by the space alliance COSMO, tasked with a massive undertaking: constructing a Dyson
Sphere, a megastructure that would orbit around a star, harnessing all its
power and energy. Only a few decades ago it was considered a hypothetical, impossible invention – but now it’s in your hands… if you can manage to develop this space workshop in some galactic backwater into a galaxy-wide industrial production empire!

While the core mechanics of Dyson Sphere Program are ready, the game still can grow and evolve a lot – and Early Access is just the perfect place for it to reach its true potential. We believe that by letting players experience the main content of Dyson Sphere Program and actively interacting with them to collect their feedback will allow us to improve the game and make it much better than it would be without this Early Access stage. Our plans are for this EA stage to be about 1 year long. But that is not written in stone

◇ Build a galactic industrial empire from scratch: start with a small workshop and improve it until it spans the whole galaxy
◇ Develop your very own Dyson Sphere, a megastructure that orbits
around a star harnessing all its power and energy, from the first screw
to its completion
◇ Explore a vast universe procedurally generated with all kinds of celestial bodies: neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants…
◇ Gather resources in planets of all types: ocean, lava, desert, frozen,
gaseous planets…
◇ Research new technologies to improve your factories… and discover
the secrets of the universe
◇ Build mechas to fly, sail or jump through outer space and alien planets
◇ Transport materials across the galaxy to your facilities: thousands of
transport ships will flow endlessly to your factories and back!
◇ Design the most efficient automated factory and production line
◇ Customize your factory and Dyson Sphere to make it unique
◇ Design a balanced power network, producing energy in all kinds of
power plants like wind turbines, artificial stars… through conveyor
belts, and you’ve got technology to help your buildings fit the grid automatically during the construction process. You’ve got the best tools
COSMO can afford to build a massive-scale automated production line

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18:00 CET

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37 thoughts on “Dyson Sphere Program | #5 INTERPLANETARY TITANIUM DELIVERY | Lets Play/Guide/Walkthrough”

  1. i was bored and looked what i need for 1 structure matrix (yellow cube) per second. I might be wrong here but:
    it would take 2336 Coal, 614 Oil and 192 Titanium per second.

    The oil part shocked me and i thought to my self, no way xD

    Edit: i really like your DSP content, for i'm playing it myself 😉 But i like the other factorio content as well 🙂 keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I was so afraid you were going to accidentally fly home without having actually set up the silicon supply in the logistics system. Of course you just did it so that people would yell at the video 😀

  3. 53:02 (and other times you needed power). You can place more than one "Wireless Power Tower" around your Mech and get recharged from each of them (if you are in range and they are hooked to the power grid). When your bot's storage is full, just deconstruct them for later use

  4. awesome series, keep them coming Nilaus, we are waiting for what's next in store for us…
    would love to see more bases in other planets, hopefully there are other unique/precious items on these other planets waiting for us to mine them and transport them…

  5. I think a really cool guide/series would be speedrunning to interplanetary logistics showing how to optimally get there with the minimum amount of buildings on your starter planet so you don't have to unspaghetti your main planet once you do unlock logistics.

  6. watching you set up interstellar logistics network was very exciting. always loving your gameplay. I would love to watch you organize the base with logistics network, and if it is possible would you please make the power polls a bit OCD friendly.

  7. One thing I keep noticing is I’m over producing most things because I still don’t understand the ratios like factorio. A spreadsheet would be super helpful. Love your videos man!

  8. Hopefully, I'm not the only one thinking this: Would it be possible to get some designated tutorial videos?
    Thinking mostly on the ratio setups towards sustainable productions on higher-tech resources like the organic crystals from chem.plants and such.

    So far, your builds have been quite helpful, but finding the specific builds within each episode is… well, less of a chore than making tutorials, but still 😅

    Love your videoes, man. Keep it up! ❤

  9. Factorio : Behold! My logistics provider chests!
    DSP: Ahh, those are cute. I can almost see them from up here on top of my fabulous logistics tower.
    Factorio : They are indeed fabulous, if a little bombastic.
    Satisfactory enters chat
    Factorio : So anyway…
    DSP : Indeed…
    Satisfactory : What are you guys chatting about?
    Factorio left the chat
    DSP left the chat

  10. You should try redesigning your production around those planetary towers, raw resources come in and than get refined than sent to another tower to be made into stuff somewhere else on the planet. 😀 Than as a after thought 'color code' a boundary around them to not get confused from space.


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