Ellin was impressed with Ganyu | GENSHIN IMPACT

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The game features an open-world map, which the player explores by walking, climbing, swimming and gliding as necessary. Many objects and places of significance are spread throughout the map. Players can control up to four of their characters at any one time. By completing quests to advance the story, the player is able to unlock a total of 30 playable characters.

Each character has two unique combat skills: a normal and a special skill. The normal skill can be used at any time except for the cooldown period immediately after use, while the special skill has an energy cost, requiring the user to amass sufficient elemental energy first.

Cooking is another significant aspect of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. Players gather many resources in the course of their adventure, some of which can be turned into dishes via cooking. Some dishes regenerate characters’ health, while others boost attack or defensive abilities.



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  1. Honestly props to her to be that enthusiastic and optimistic, if I was her and saw a fuckin Goat snipe all the dummies with a sigle arrow I would quit the Knight dream and become Flora's second assistant


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