Endgame BEGINS – Your top priorities for week 3 of Shadowlands!

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In this video I go over the 9 things you need to do during week 3 of Shadowlands!

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27 thoughts on “Endgame BEGINS – Your top priorities for week 3 of Shadowlands!”

  1. Going for a +14 on week 1 is kind of insane unless you were doing 25+ keys last season sorry. You will start regretting your life a lot if you try to go above +10 and you're not a big key pusher.

  2. Arms specific legendaries are so poop that I don't really feel like crafting anything until the tuning patch. I'm gonna be surprised if they don't buff those. Could craft a "bis" legendary for Fury, but even with that I'd still do less dps than Arms with no legendary at all, so what's the point!

  3. hey man, i just got my account suspended today, i opened a appeal but no telling when they will respond or if they will overturn the 30 day suspension, i was playing super hard this expansion i work up to 16hrs a day 7 days week sometimes times, but i would still play 4hrs a day minimum i would just sleep less sometimes. how bad will being 2 weeks behind hurt me if i just make a new account and start leveling

  4. You can only wear one Legendary Armor piece at a time. This cap will likely increase throughout the Shadowlands expansion, allowing you to wear more than a single piece at once.

  5. "so if you can do 10 +14 dungeons in week 3"

    Theres only 8 dungeons and week 3 only goes to +10

    What am i missing here?

    And now hes refering to week 3 as week 1 again.

    How many tines did you record this?

  6. I think it will be rare for groups to get +14's done this week. I am sure there will be players who achieve this but, like mythic raiding, I think it will be a very small group.


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