entering the arcane league of legends fandom like



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25 thoughts on “entering the arcane league of legends fandom like”

  1. Coley I need you to know and understand that I literally chose tonight of all nights to binge this show. I was halfway through the episodes and I check my phone and this notification was there. The timing of this is absolutely insane.

    Edit: alright yeah this checks out accurate as always.

  2. As a past League Player, seeing all the Champion reveals were so fun. Seeing what happened to them and how they became what they are was fascinating

    The characters had depth, I understood the actions of all of them.

    Also. Since ACTUALLY caring about Jinx was a pleasant surprise. I was waiting for the "Noone ever loved you. You are to broken. Everyone you ever loved manipulated you" kinda thing for Jinx
    His love for her is twisted lie his views. But the fact he cared. It made everything so much better.

  3. Thank you so much my wish came true! And im almost all of them i stan mel, i cry about Victor, i want Jinx and Vi to be happy again, I ship Vicait and i really like Silco character, and i simp for Vander

  4. I’m so exhausted but I figured out how to fix viktor because not dying is hawt And my fellow disabled homosexual with cheekbones needs TO KNOW WHY HES DYING but this is based off of Consumption

    Outside- idk metal chest and neck plate and maybe some lower cheek replace-y things

    Probably tree resin for flexible bits and skin grafts from cows and stuff and for the more solid pieces metal coated in rubber
    All with no sharp edges because internal lacerations are bad news

  5. I played the game for the lore. Really having fun that a lot of people that doesn't play love the lore too. I hope that a lot more lore-centric fans enters the fandom so that the company would stop putting lore as an after thought when introducing new champs.

  6. Day 11,683,548,295 of hoping ColeyDoesThings is going to make a "Entering the FNAF fandom be like" video since the new game is coming out and the fandom is waking up (^O^☆♪


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