Escape From Tarkov – Customs Is Popping

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22 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov – Customs Is Popping”

  1. Hey devil I’m a long time fan long enough to have remembered a few of you videos talking about your time in the service. I’m not a big fan of twitch. But I was wondering if you would mind doing a YT vid talking about it. I’m a huge military nerd. I tried to serve but got discharged cause my vision has gotten bad. So in week 6 of training I was separated. I miss it really bad. And am debating going army. Any words of advise and just some food for thought from you would be lovely.

  2. I don't care what kind of body armor you have being hit by multiple rounds of .308 is going to knock you down if it doesn't kill you which I believe it would. This game is so unrealistic


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