Escape From Tarkov – Ultra Chads Down

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11 thoughts on “Escape From Tarkov – Ultra Chads Down”

  1. More and more i watch Tarkov the more i realize how movement sounds are so dulled in most games. Carrying as much gear as you do in most mainstream fps(Cod, Battlefield, etc) and then being able to run full speed with only footstep noise is very confusing. Really cant wait till i can afford to build another pc( i missed out on Tarkov and it hurts).

  2. Holy Fuck I don't know how many times I gotta say this…when I loot player bodies I loot to use I don't sell a single damn thing I pick up from, Guns, armor, attachments, meds etc. All goes into my stash and out again when I die so this whole "OMG you left so much money behind!" Only applies to you


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