ESO GATES OF OBLIVION REACTION! | Elder Scrolls Online Teaser Trailer

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35 thoughts on “ESO GATES OF OBLIVION REACTION! | Elder Scrolls Online Teaser Trailer”

  1. Whew I wasn't sure if I wanted to record this, I'm usually not into doing reactions bc it feels like lazy content and I am always too excitable to give any valuable thoughts about them hah, but I'm glad I did bc I'm so excited for this!! What do you guys think about it? I hope youre as excited as I am 👀

  2. My dream scenario is that we get Dagon, but as sort of an unlikely/uneasy ally. He's not just the prince of destruction, but also revolution and ambition, which isn't strictly a bad thing. Dagon being a "good" guy would be such an awesome twist and different take, and we could maybe get some hints of him already laying the groundwork for the Oblivion crisis centuries in the future.

  3. Your Hermaeus Mora guess would have been great, but having played Oblivion, I really can't complain about Dagon, especially if they focus on him instead just his emissaries, on a character level (like Mora in Dragonborn, The Brotherhood of Bedlam, etc. All we got of Dagon himself was the big climax and then the Razor, so I hope to see some more of his personality, and the atmosphere around him).

  4. I'm sorry, but did you say a Dragon Age playthrough?! 😲 Yes please!

    I wonder how much this ties into the events of the Oblivion Crisis – if Dagon laid some of the foundations in the 2nd Era, only to be continued up by Tharn, and later by Camoran and The Mythic Dawn. 🤔 I just hope they don't try to make Dagon a "good" guy or anything asinine, but we'll see.

    Please let there be a monk class 🤞

  5. Dagon looks pretty freakin' awesome in this teaser. As a big Oblivion fan, this is really promising and awesome to see. It would be just like Dagon to try to take advantage of the interregnum like Molag Bal did. But as for the setting thing, maybe Blackwood. So I'm going to guess on Southern Cyrodiil at the very least. And then part 2 could take us into a more northern region of Cyrodiil or a part of Argonia. Can't have Dagon as a major plot without Cyrodiil as the stage.

  6. There were no hints about which land area this would feature. It looked Vaylen Wood-like, but it could equally be Blackmarsh, or even the "jungle" of Cyrodiil. Yes they retconned Cyrodiil to not be a jungle for Oblivion, but maybe the area between Cyrodiil and Blackmarsh is jungle, what would be Bravil and Leyawin on the Oblivion map (which are not in ESO yet).

  7. I haven’t played ESO because to broke for mmos but I legit got teary-eyed when it was Oblivion. Oblivion was my first elder scrolls (it was also the first M game I owned because it said ‘T’ on the box in the earlier version of the release)


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