Ethan's PS5 Review

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35 thoughts on “Ethan's PS5 Review”

  1. you cant rate souls easy or Hard men its a masterpiece … you just get gut at it… these normies buying the game for the hype, knowing zero info. demon souls is the game that started all, and darksouls is the continuation of that world. you asking to start somewhere else… just go play Bloodborne or Sekiro. but yeah . its been 14 katamari games with the same title, yea that has to be the real sh1t .

  2. Ethan play bloodborne or sekiro if you want something different.

    Also if you didn't guess, he went the wrong way and is stuck in the catacombs, that's not where he is supposed to be right now.

  3. I really appreciated Ethan and hila's back and fourth about video games. More specifically, I enjoyed their takes and interactions about dark souls and the other games they were playing like Katarmari and Mario. I miss when they were gamers and the pay day 2 days, but "good things come to an end!" -kanye west, shoutout to Ian lol


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