Everything New in Version 1.4 | First Reaction & Compilation | Genshin Impact News

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📌 Timestamps 📌

00:00 | Intro
03:27 | Rosaria Gameplay
07:12 | 1.4 Limited Banners
07:52 | New Weapons
09:08 | New Boss
09:58 | New Archon Quest
10:15 | New Events
11:52 | Quality of Life Changes

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44 thoughts on “Everything New in Version 1.4 | First Reaction & Compilation | Genshin Impact News”

  1. ohh it makes sense that the abyss heralds seem like childe 2.0
    if anything, childe is an abyss herald 2.0 since he learned foul legacy/fighting skills from the abyss, hence the similar spear attack patterns n hydro stuff

  2. Surprised you didn't mention that Rosario is only on the Childe banner. MiHoYo screwing over the F2P players that want to summon for Venti and then can't for Rosaria. Feelsbad.

  3. The New Archon Quest could suggest that the upcoming Archon is Dainsleif. There is also a chance he could have previously been an Abyss herald since he knows a lot of information on them. Also, the Abyss Herald is shown using Hydro abilities which can suggest Dainsleif is a Hydro character since they both wear similar colors. The fact that Abyss Mages can come in the forms of Cryo, Hydro, and Pyro could suggest that we could get Abyss Heralds that use those three elements.

  4. No changes to the resin refill time nor the abysmal rng on the artifacts…

    Also banner specific "4* Weapons" are stupid.
    The rest they are doing and adding looked fine 🙂


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