Exile's Reach Secrets and Easter Eggs (World of Warcraft Shadowlands)

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World of Warcraft is a huge game and it’s only looking to get bigger with the release of its Shadowlands expansion. Blizzard Entertainment packed a ton of cool Secrets and Easter Eggs into every single zone of their MMORPG, and that looks continue to be the case with the oncoming release of their Pre Patch which will introduce the new starting zone Exile’s Reach. So, today, let’s cover the area from top to bottom to find all of its hidden worldbuilding, secrets, and environmental storytelling!

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38 thoughts on “Exile's Reach Secrets and Easter Eggs (World of Warcraft Shadowlands)”

  1. Next to the pillars there is a half buried teleporter, like literally right next to them. I personally think they look Titan-y, although they share geometry with pillars in the Halls of Valor.

  2. Haven't even watched the entire video yet, and I commented on your last video too. But I promise if you make videos at least twice a week you will have 30k subs in a few months. The quality is amazing, great content.

  3. I think the baby is a Harpy because it looks like it just hatched from an egg and that is how the Harpies have children. It probably looks human because the woman used one to reproduce, but later on it'll grow feathers and be annoying like the rest of them!

  4. Not sure if it's a secret or not but when you do the mini-class quest for the shaman where you go to the spirit realm to help ghost wolfs, your are surrounded by hundreds of human souls…all staring at you. Man that really startled me the first time around and made me realize just how man lives the ogres have taken.

  5. I started exploring the island on my own before watching this video. I really wish they had some sort of hidden treasure or quests for the explores, kinda disappointing and time consuming for nothing


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