Facing 6,000,000 Mastery Shen! [Masters Urgot Gameplay] – League of Legends

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15 thoughts on “Facing 6,000,000 Mastery Shen! [Masters Urgot Gameplay] – League of Legends”

  1. I was checking league of graphs and I saw that I'm number 1200 Urgot in EUNE and number 10800 global . And I saw that you are smth like number 80 in the world! Congrats

  2. Okay, so syzygy (SIZ-ih-jee) is a conjunction or opposition, related in particular to the sun and moon. So the first item is called Eclipse, when the sun or moon covers up the other, and Syzygy is when they are aligned, to my knowledge.

  3. As someone who used to play a ton of Shen you are so right about it almost being worst sometimes when you get the kills. I've had so many games where everything good happened because of my ults on my team and I wound up with most the kills and those games are so hard. During my placements last year I had a 5 kda with Shen and a 33% winrate because I just had too many games where my lane was the only lane doing well and with Shen it feels exceptionally hard to translate those games into wins.

  4. Upgraded Eclipse is pronounced Scis-i-gee. It is basically a fancy word for when 3 celestial bodies align with one another (so Earth, Moon, Sun; IE an Eclipse).

  5. Man, Shen looks super fun to play, but when I was watching xPetu play him, it's like the most stressful thing ever when you have to keep watching the minimap, or pull off a last second ultimate.

    I genuinely find that champs like Urgot or Aatrox are nice cause of how "self-contained" their kit feels, and while it's easy to get a lead with Shen, he also kinda relies on his team to make use of his lead since he doesn't waveclear or splitpush fast.

    Great games as always!


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