Facing Dr. Mundo & Kled [Masters Urgot Gameplays] – League of Legends

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8 thoughts on “Facing Dr. Mundo & Kled [Masters Urgot Gameplays] – League of Legends”

  1. The fact that the Mundo ult healed more than your W did damage at lvl 6 was really sad to watch :D.

    How do you feel playing Fleet Footwork into the harder or more annoying Urgot matchups? I have been playing it a lot recently and I love the sustain against those annoying pokers.

    Regarding Kled, I have lost every lane against him so far :X. He often is like 1/3 hp early and his remount bar is at 1/4 and then I fight him with my combo and he remounts within like 3 attacks and I am screwed.


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