Faction Wars Trailer | GTA V Military Crew | United Empire [Warzone RP]

As you guys know we posted something similar to this last year when we were on PS4 but didn’t go through with it because of the major restriction in gta online. Now that we are on PC with a fully custom FiveM server we’ve decided to essentially give Faction Wars another shot and have been working hard over the past few months to develop and organize our server to suit the event. This is something we’ve been wanting to do since our early PS4 days but couldn’t because of obvious reasons. Our server is currently still in beta and development but we can promise will only get better overtime. If you wish to join a faction please follow the steps below!!

FIVEM Server: WarzoneRP

Step 1: Like the video and Subscribe for future content
Step 2: Join our discord server and fill out the application – https://discord.gg/smmx9uBnPy [Copy & Paste on your web browser if this link does not work when clicking on it]

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/_unitedempire_

*i do not own copy right to the music used for this video*


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  1. Me wondering what youtubers are putting content put for this due to me wanting to watch people rp on this server, if anyone knows let me know content creators for this server


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