Fans are NOT Happy About This Heirloom… – Apex Legends Season 11

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33 thoughts on “Fans are NOT Happy About This Heirloom… – Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. I am not a Watson main by any means but if I were I would be hoping the heirloom is a tragic joke by respawn. I mean give her a cattle prod or make one of her pylons into a bo-staff. I mean Jesus come on. Every other legend has a clear cut melee weapon and they give the most passive legend an heirloom that looks the most like a firearm, and not even a cool looking one. Shit looks about as cool as a 4 year olds macaroni art.

  2. But what do actual wattson mains think of the heirloom tho? I remember people saying the same thing about rampart's problem solver, but the majority of rampart mains (the few of them lol) actually liked it

  3. Wattson has been disappointing since her 2nd season. The Wattson mains/simps are just sad, very similar to the heirloom. I'll probably cop but that's because I want the skins from the event

  4. Wattson is sweet, not brutal. She can’t have some kind of blade or bludgeoning weapon, it’s just not in character! If she’s gonna get up and close, it’ll look something like this. I like it.

  5. Energy reader with a Nessie game on it makes more sense than an electronic rapier. Fits her personality very well. I think once the animations come out then people will stop complaining. People also need to remember that they naturally wanted to come up with her heirloom concept and not be forced. Hence the reason she was skipped.

  6. I’ve loved Wattson since she was introduced, and given how long it’s been I can say I’m definitely disappointed in this heirloom.
    It’s boxy, and doesn’t really seem to fit her at all.
    I fully expected it to be a Nessy doll or something.
    Honestly, a taser makes more sense than this price checker gun

  7. I feel bad for Wattson mains, that thing looks pretty lame. Some crazy cattle prod type thing would be cool. Maybe people will hate it enough they'll do an updated version in the future that you can do like a recolour with legend tokens?


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