FASTEST REALM CURRENCY FARM! Best Method – Genshin Impact

Fastest Way to Farm Realm Currency Early Game in Genshin Impact Update 1.5 Also best way to increase Adeptal Energy for More Coins per hour! #genshinimpact

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47 thoughts on “FASTEST REALM CURRENCY FARM! Best Method – Genshin Impact”

  1. i'm currently in Exquisite Adeptal Energy (22coins/hour)

    I just discovered yesterday about the load count and animals take the highest space, so i just yeeted them off inside the house, then bought a blueprint for walls and noticed that i can stack them up without worrying about the load count.

  2. These were great tips. I caught them in yesterday's stream so started doing it already. Also noticed that once you hit 8k Trust (Not AE, they word it wrong) you open more space outside so pretty sure load will manage itself. Another tip: load of a full set placed together is less than all items placed separately.

  3. This video has some misinformation. Each piece of furniture has its own load, you can check out honey impact website for it. Statues aren't the best (it has a 1.80 adeptal energy per load). Carved Courtyard Fence is better (2.57 adeptal energy per load). The pine screen is indeed the best furniture indoor (highest adeptal energy per load at 1.06). Pets are one of the worse adeptal energy per load (0.20, big yikes).

    Also, someone calculated that it's not the best to always buy the speed vials. Yes, in the beginning, it's fine. But after 6000 adeptal energy, it starts losing out. After 12000 adeptal energy, it's flat out bad investment.

  4. While it is neat to be able to get a few more coins out of this method, it will eventually leave you with like 50 statues sitting in your inventory with no way to really use them once you reach your desired comfiness level because you can't convert them back into currency. I'd simply suggest aiming to spend all coins on Potions > blueprints > Non-blueprint furniture for achievements/rarity. That way the realm can stay pretty while maintaining a good income.

  5. Some tips I figured out while playing around with load and adeptal energy (AE).
    1) To maximize AE, place ALL your furnishings in this order: Purple > Blue > Green.
    2) Craft ALOT of Pine Folding Screen and place them in all the different sections of the house. Continue doing so until you hit the load limit on all sections of the house.
    3) Craft ALOT of purple walls and place them all over the map. Stack them as close as possible. The reason why I chose wall is that I would use them for designing my world later. Statues might be cheaper to craft, but I don't have use for soooooooo many of them.
    4) After hitting load limit on the outside world, start removing the Greens and replace them with more Purple walls. Remove the Greens in this order: Trees > Animals > Rocks > Platforms.

    This is because:
    i) It would be more worth it to place purple items [1 purple wall (90 AE) = 1.5~1.7 rocks(30ish AE)]
    ii) Animals take up an insane amount of load and is no better than rocks [1 pet (100 AE) = 5 rocks(100 AE)]

    iii) Trees take up more load than rocks [1 tree (20AE) = 1.3~1.7 rocks(30ish AE)]
    iv) Platforms take up similar load as rocks. But platforms can be stacked and hence take up less space.

  6. So what is the limit of placing items, like I cant place anything outside anymore😅

    Ok so after watching would you think they will increase the no of items you can place?

  7. That's sad. You can see there is a lot of space for more stuff but it wont let you.. I have a vague image in my head of what I want my place to look like and now I'm worried I wont be able to because of the load..

  8. Well tbh it doesnt matter which blueprint you buy since you buy them for exp and its allways the same ratio so 80 Realm Currency = 30 exp that the green ones, for the Blue ones its 160 Realm Currency = 60 exp thats twice the price and twice the exp and for the purple ones its 240 Realm Currency for 90 exp so three times the price but three times the exp so its only a resource thing that you need to considere when buying but since these can be easily farmed its not that bad to buy any kind of blueprint i mostly suggest that you buy depending on youre currency if you can buy multiple purple than do so and instantly craft them, since that boosts youre exp and safes you some vial of Adeptal Speed

  9. I can't place any more items so Idk how to get past elegant lol. The max I can get it like 6700. I've placed a few screens inside but I'd much rather place different types of furnishings than a bunch of the same one. Getting more coins won't fix my load problem lol. 😅


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