Fastest Way To Train Skills & Level Up – Cyberpunk 2077

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With the Exception of Hacking and Breach Protocol this is the FASTEST way I have found to gain experience in all skills and main stat level for Cyberpunk 2077. The combat is tied to almost all of the sub skills and you can get from level 1 to level 20 in a matter of hours.

Specifically Cold Blooded can be levelled the fastest which is key to all of the highest damage builds in the game.


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47 thoughts on “Fastest Way To Train Skills & Level Up – Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. Honestly I think the skill xp gain in general is way too slow, and needs a big boost. I finished the game and all side content without 'farming' kills. I ended with a shortage on resources, a shortage on eddies, level 15 in my mainly used skills, level 49 base level, and level 50 rep.

  2. The sponsorship transition was VERY SMOOTH man. Thanks for the guide. Too bad I cant make use of it yet since I am actively avoiding doing the main story and as such am still locked to the first district. Waiting for the next patch which supposedly should be dropping soon. In hopes that my game will crash less. I am playing on PC with an i7 4790K with a GTX 970 4GB and 16 GB RAM. There are spots where the game crashes frequently. And some actions like pulling up the Hacking mode seems to also cause the game to crash every now and then. Its not really a big problem since very early on I learned to Quick Save religiously, like my life depends on it. But I just got tired of waiting for the Crash reporter to show up. Then for steam to sync up and then go through the unskippable splash screens before I can Skip the intro and enter the main menu to just start reloading my save. Which. With me not having an SSD takes a minute.

  3. Just wanted to toss this in here I got into ur channel back when you did guides and content on the division which was fantastic by the way, then I really disliked the drastic turn you channel took no offense to you just not Content I enjoy just wanted to say ill definitely be watching your cyberpunk content keep up the great work!

  4. Athletics isn't broken, just very slow because you can level it anywhere. It levels based on Stamina use, so running, jumping, punching. Depleting your Stamina bar a few times gives you 20xp.

  5. If your that desperate to compete with all the easy weak players who break every game for views just play on easy like they do and save yourself hours of mind crushing girly soulless behavior.

  6. The fact that you have to farm to earn levels/points means there isn't enough quests or reasons to continue without grinding. God this game needs NG+ or an option to have enemies level scaling with you. Otherwise, if i can one shot everything at level 10-15 already on very hard difficulty, its a waste of time.

  7. Aren’t you the one who said Genshin Impact is greedy yet it’s clear as day that this game is a scam and just a cash grab yet you don’t call out CDPR on it. Hypocrite. Genshin Impact puts Cyberpunk to shame by the way. Game is utter trash.

  8. Quickhack would be easy to train here if you use Quickhacks to do the killing, Breach Protocol not so much, but that's easy enough to level during a playthrough if you want to just by hacking access points for money

  9. For athletics: Buy the berserk mod. Activate it and do an attack that uses stamina. While attacking, pause the game. You will gain Athletics xp while your game is paused. So you can afk for a while and fully level up this skill.

  10. ATHLETICS! I've tried a method from the good old days of morrowind/oblivion and it works to some effect in this game. Use food to buff your stamina and regen and position yourself under something where you are barely able to jump AND SPAM IT! It's a bit of a grind still, but MUCH better than trying to level it naturally!

  11. FYI you can train the hacking by well using your hacking on gangs and cameras and other devices you just need to make sure to use them and when you hack for money I think it works for all kinds of hacks.

  12. No idea why someone would farm/grind this kind of game. Totally beyond me… you’re not playing against anyone you’re having an experience. Like… you’re undermining your own experience by leaving the gameplay so that you can turn it into a job, then go back to the actual game and break it.

  13. Cool guide 😱 indeed that sounds like a perfect spot

    As for training the hacking skills, I found an easy way

    For enemies with chrome on them, hide and just start by doing Breach (lowers the Ram used by 1 and makes enemies more vulnerable)

    Then, use Contagion, Overload, or any other hacks you got to hit them with it. Incapacitate enemies like that over and over and you get easy leveling. Just stay hidden, jump from rooftops or hiding spots where you see them and they can't see you (again, double jump on rooftops is the simplest) and just hack them until they die


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