Faulty Coding [Fatality x Epiphany | Fatal Error Sonic Vs. Monika] Friday Night Funkin' Mashup

Not a huge fan of Epiphany so I hope it sounds decent (and also, first and maybe last Epiphany mashup I make lol)

========| Timecodes |========

00:00 Cutscene
00:40 The battle begins
01:45 Him
01:53 An anomaly arises
02:45 Corrupted Monika files
03:00 Lyrics?
03:17 Unregistered anomaly
03:40 She is struggling?
03:48 End.

========| Other Credits |========

– FNF: Vs Sonic.exe 3.0 [CANCELLED] –
Mod: https://gamebanana.com/mods/387978
Used Song: Fatality
Composer: @SasterSub0ru

– FNF: Doki Doki Takeover Plus! –
Mod: https://gamebanana.com/mods/47364
Used Song: Epiphany
Composer: Matt$

========| Informations |========

Mashup made in: FL STUDIO

Images made in: pixlr.com/br/

How long did it take me to finish this mashup: probably 4 days

Video edited in: Wondershare and VSDC Video Editor

========| Q&A |========

Q: Can I repost the mashup?
A: No, I don’t allow it, if you’re going to repost just repost when I ask or if the mashup video you want to repost is deleted for some reason (must give me the credits).

Q: Is it okay if I create a mod/chart of your mashup?
A: You can create without any problem, just tell me in the comments or if you want to specify more just enter my discord server (or talking in dm on discord).

Q: Do you accept all mashup orders?
A: I only accept the ones that interest me, if it’s a mashup that I think will be cool, I’ll do it (the ideas that I liked I do give a heart in the comment).

Q: Can I make my version of your mashup?
A: You can even do it BUT it will have to be a unique/different version of the mashup in question, and also, any mashup you want to make your version of you will have to ask me for permission (you can try contacting me via Discord DM ), upon successful permission you will have to give me credit for the original idea (such descriptions as; ”Other versions of this mashup” are invalid).

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7 thoughts on “Faulty Coding [Fatality x Epiphany | Fatal Error Sonic Vs. Monika] Friday Night Funkin' Mashup”

  1. One more story, this time for this mashup:

    In the Doki Doki Takeover mod, the player, after playing the song ''Epiphany'' for the first time, does not decide to play it again for a new event to occur, Monika, knowing that the player would not see her again, decided to modify the Mod's programming so that she could leave the place where she was, she managed to do so but left an opening for Fatal Error Sonic to enter her territory.

    Fatal Error Sonic manages to find the dimension where Monika is, in turn he thought about creating his new territory there but was surprised by Monika's presence and confronted her. In the middle of their confrontation Missingno appears, with his presence he ends up merging his code with Monika's codes and they end up merging, resulting in ''Gh0st Monik4'', for some reason, both manage to take possession of the body so they stay together and struggle to escape.

    At the end of the mashup, Fatal Error Sonic is deleted by Gh0st Monik4, this managed to happen because the Fatal Error Sonic code could be seen in the Mod folders. Fatal Error Sonic had only been deleted in the Mod, so it did not suffer any damage.

    Now, Gh0st Monik4 is creating dimensions wildly because of his programming and Fatal Error Sonic will take advantage of this…


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