Fight or Flight but Tails lose Cover | Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkinโ€™ Fight or Flight but Boyfriend sings it showcase!
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Art and Tails art by BrandonTheCat:
Cover by Fl4re:

Vs Sonic.exe 3.0 mod:
Final Escape mod:

Friday Night Funkinโ€™ game:

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37 thoughts on “Fight or Flight but Tails lose Cover | Friday Night Funkin'”

  1. Boyfriend would not be shaking or scared (since he's dumb in the sonic.exe just like the original Fnf), also… Starved doens't eat humans, he treat them with respect and instead you should replace the regular boyfriend by the Mobian Boyfriend from Encores

    But this video and song it's pretty nice

  2. As bad as starved eggman is, at least he cooks the morbians before eating them like a normal person. Also even though it's cruel, there's nothing wrong with him eating the morbians. He's just a humans eating animals.

  3. It's kinda annoying how ryzzon censored some cool stuff, it's literally horror bruh, why censoring literally the whole decoration of it? (rhetoric question).


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