Firefighter Mod in Among Us

We add a Firefighter Impoister mod in Among Us

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26 thoughts on “Firefighter Mod in Among Us”

  1. turning red mod you have to do tasks to get 4 town tickets you need 5 tickets to escape impostor is the red panda you can choose abilities also one task can be where you have reconnect the broken necklace another task can be a maze to sneak out of house one ability can be a kill abilities where you can make them draw pictures then a big red panda come by and takes them another ability can be a mini game ability where you have to play doge ball winner gets to choose who gets a doge ball thrown at them by a red panda

  2. Mod idea: The dog mod. The imposter is a dog. they can pee on the ground and that stuns people. they can put bones on the ground and kill someone. u can bury a hole and if someone falls in it there a 50/50 chance if they die or survive. For the minigame everyone has to walk a dog to the finish line. The last person who makes it dies.

  3. Mod ideas: peanut butter and jelly sandwich mod ,who’s ur daddy mod, boba 🧋 mod, cleaning mod ,and others
    Edit : like if u agree on some or all put some of ur ideas in mine if u want so I can check it out!!

  4. make a venom mod where venom con posses people, zoom out, become invisible, bit peoples head off and can stick their tongue through a crewmates heart and once it is taken out the heart turns black

  5. Mod Idea- the evil burger where everyone is a burger the crew member finish her test and crew member have taking a
    the weapon in chest and the imposter have a ability to invisible the crew member have to kill the imposter with the weapon also the imposter have a heart the number of heart is 45 the imposter the mission is no imposter have to leaving a fire in the crew member with the molotov


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