FIRST STRIKE TURNS TALON JUNGLE S+ TIER! | How to play Talon Jungle Season 12 League of Legends

Talon Season 12 Jungle Gameplay Guide League of Legends
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37 thoughts on “FIRST STRIKE TURNS TALON JUNGLE S+ TIER! | How to play Talon Jungle Season 12 League of Legends”

  1. I've been watching KingStix since I started playing LoL, it was like 2 years ago. It seems like he started playing against lower elo ppl and its so deppresing, I honestly love almost everything about KingStix, but Im watching less and less of his videos, because of this stomping irons and bronzes content… BRING BACK HIGHER ELOS!!!!

  2. Hey Stix!! I commented a couple weeks ago about how much you’ve helped me in League. Warwick has been my go to, Vi has been my secondary and Xin Zhao has been my last resort. I truly only thrive in Jungle, Lanes are just too boring and my timing with the minions is ass. Anyways, I just got mastery LVL 7 with Warwick with only 30K points (1000 takedowns) and I was wondering if that sounds right? If I’m on the right track?

  3. Stix: “this guy is such a pest”

    As he full steals the entire enemy jungle camps….
    You play with no complete class bruh. I hate junglers who steal early jg camps so much. It’s cheap and just screams thirstiness

    I only take the enemy jg camps if we are pushed in turrets and moving further ip the map

  4. The account used in this game was Zinnosthif, playing normals abusing some bronze silver players, which I'm not a fan of but I get that it's for Youtube content.

    But it also looks like he afk'd in a previous game after dying lv1 though since I guess it's not his account and it doesn't matter to him.

    The Lee Sin got dumpstered everywhere he went this game but at least he tried.


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