Flametouch Urgot [Masters Urgot vs Irelia] – League of Legends

Thanks for watching. MMR is masters.
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14 thoughts on “Flametouch Urgot [Masters Urgot vs Irelia] – League of Legends”

  1. im an otp urgot as well and watched your videos from a long time now, even before i was diamond i believe, anyhow the major problem that i see you have or bad habit if you must name it, you dont like to warn or use pings which are very usefull and very much needed

  2. 2:54 how do you outscale Irelia? At some point Urgot cannot fight this champion anymore, she becomes very tanky, heals so much even with grievous wounds on her, and deals more damage than Urgot. The key to win the game against her later on is to face her with your team, so power in numbers in my opinion.

  3. Yo Goli and fellow urgot mains. Today i did something that i think no other laner has thought of yet: support item mythic. No mythic truly suits urgot ever since stridebreaker and frostfire gauntled have been reworked so i tried something out: Rushing hullbreaker + titanic and then locket. You are super strong when splitpushing with hullbreaker and the consecrate passive protects your allies in teamfights. Not to mention the shield that can come in clutch ;). Stoked to see you try this out Goli, love

  4. Hoo man, your videos are perfect for a refresher. Been away from league for some time, got some catching up to do with your vids lol. Good to see your chill vibes are still strong as ever, dude.

  5. Guys please report a bug: If u buy muramana on urgot the ability damage passive of the item deal half of the damage on the leg passive of urgot if you toggle W.
    The leg passive does not count as on hit damage but the muramana damage on it is anyway halfed.
    I mean that the damage has to be halfed on his autoattack, not on the passive, it loses nearliy 30 damage at every prock.

    Aniway nice game man <3


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