Flights of Fandom: Longshot | Star Wars Actual Play RPG | Episode 9

Welcome to Longshot, a Star Wars RPG actual play series from Flights of Fandom. We’re playing Scum & Villainy, a sci-fi version of Blades in the Dark.

Dropping out of hyperspace at the wrong moment, the Longshot finds itself under attack by an Imperial patrol. Now the bounty hunters are in a desperate space battle with a Star Destroyer. Can the crew escape the Imperials and pick up their hunt for the pirates who attacked Cheekra’s home?



GM – David Brunell-Brutman –
Cheekra – Hopper
Zethu Desh – Marcy
Ahesha Laluar – Puja
Dr. Gom Pilsnerg – Wesley

Scum & Villainy by John LeBoeuf-Little & Stras Acimovic


Flights of Fandom is a show where we create improvised fan-fiction using tabletop roleplaying games. Watch Longshot and our other flights live on Saturdays at 3PM ET at

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