FNF Corruption: Frostbite | EVIL BF VS Pico! (Hour 1)

“Why is it so damn cold?”

Funkin’ Corruption: Frostbite is based off of Phantom Fear’s corruption, but with an entirely brand new storyline and different songs!

NEW SONG – Belated By LitteralyNobody!

Team :
LitteralyNobody – Art, Director.
elliesmellie – Icon Artist, Editor
Glitchy – Art
Humourous – Art
Mat’saac – Art
Mathx – Art
Kloudz – Musician
Sr Tom – Backgrounds
Xra224 – Charter
FexIsHere – Musician
You can chat or send fan art here!:
Discord: https://discord.gg/msFeBKhGb5

Credits :
Pico Hoodie by Geronimo5836
Original Corruption Mod:
Phantom Fear:


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