FNF : Doors | Not-A-Sound – Vs. Figure

FNF : Doors F1 gameplay (aka V1)

This is official, and a teaser. Not a Leak. Good luck beating this one, hope you like osu!taiko @JaidenBoyfriend27 lmfao

Video Info:
This video consists of modifications to a rhythmic video game (that I personally worked on) with songs that range from slightly difficult to very hard for most players. Four arrows fly towards the screen forcing you to press them at the right time to the music. Hitting all the arrows in a song counts as a “Full Combo”, which is very hard to do and takes a lot of time and practice to be able to do consistently, that is why i’m using botplay in this video. I will also include secrets and extra content that might’ve been undiscovered by the community and show them off through instructional and entertaining ways that can be used as guides, as well as occasionally adding my own input on things happening in the video, all done through my creative editing style that focuses on being concise and transformative. This video was played, recorded and edited by me. #FridayNightFunkin #FNF


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