Fnf react to Mario's Monday Night Massacre Mod! (Gacha club)

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link to the original clip used in the video: https://youtu.be/M-7lYLTt7BE

link to the original music used in the video: https://youtu.be/6lvyX-1IeYM


22 thoughts on “Fnf react to Mario's Monday Night Massacre Mod! (Gacha club)”

  1. Hello. I hope you all enjoy the video. Sorry if there's any spelling mistakes or any mistakes in general. Comment down below if you want a shout-out. I hope you all live a happy life and stay safe Everyone 😊

  2. The so call we think “Princess Peach” is actually call Coronation Day Peach.

    And here’s a info I don’t know a lot. Apparently Peach went to take a walk in the forest by herself and then all of a sudden she was killed by something, and now the forest is haunted by “Peach” but people said it’s probably something possessing Peach’s body maybe a demon, an entity, or the so call God of the Forest

  3. The mario that looks like starved eggman is actually from a Rom hack of super mario world called "MARIO" I recommend checking it, it's really good
    I also loved the video it was well done

  4. Some lore for “secret histories” Mario: in his respective universe, he is a psychopathic dictator of the mushroom kingdom (previously ruled by Bowser and peach), and has basically enslaved the inhabitants. In S.H. Bowser’s own words; “he has stripped this great land to the bone, brought it to its knees.”
    As for Luigi, he’s no better than Mario, and seems to act a bodyguard of sorts.

  5. Ok this mod was actually had good songs. I’m surprised with how many creepy pasta mods you’ve been showing. Bw fun little thing with wario’s song. If BF and Mario gain more health Wario’s head gets pushed back leaving only his glowing eyes to see. If he gains health though he will get closer to them.

  6. Nobody talking about BF’s outfit in this mod looking like SMG4
    Also MX does kill lucas multiple times but He keeps coming back because MX Is giving him Extra lives


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