Fnf Reacts To Your Comments! (Part 1)


28 thoughts on “Fnf Reacts To Your Comments! (Part 1)”

  1. To All:
    *goes infrony of everyone and says-*
    Ya like jazz

    TO Whitty:
    1. *appears infront of Whitty* Wait you met sans-
    2. *GIVES Spider Cookies* (cookies sold by Muffet)
    3. How are you tall-

    TO BF:
    Hello sir
    *YEETS bf*
    Sorry for that I was just gonna ask you, how did you rap battle so many people-

    To Gf:
    1. Your a DEMON?
    2. Can you show meee?

  2. Oh yes I wanna do dis!
    For whitty,
    1.What’s It like being a bomb
    2. Why does my SISTER call me “whitty”, I don’t go ballistic. Ok maybe I do but THAT AINT THE POINT.
    3. I wanna hug for comfort, never got by a bomb before and I wanna know noe it feels like :3

    For pico:
    Teach me how to shoot.

  3. For pico and whitty:

    1. Who made you kill a whole school?
    2. Why you like guns?
    3. Who do you like except for Keith?

    For whitty=
    1. Why you don't like among us memes?
    2. Do you like "CAROL"?
    3. How you scream so loud?

    Pico: can i hug you?
    Oh yeah btw if your confused on making my oc it is gonna have the simple way

    Purple hair a blindfold all white colored eyes and a short dress that is my oc in the simple way ok?

  4. To everyone:Hello I am a giant burnt coal of a chicken nugget and I'm the size than JUPITER SO I CAN EAT YOUR PLANET HAHAHAHS-wait this not ask ♤□££■ ok I slep

  5. Hope I’m not late
    For senpai :
    What is your favorite food?
    If you had the chance who will you kill?
    On a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate bf?
    Also I dare him to steal Whitty’s cookie


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