FNF Tail's Insanity

What’s in this alternate universe? / LORE

In this AU, Eggman becomes an insane maniac whenever he gets a little angry, so the mobians had to be careful. Even though they tried their best, they made him angry. Eggman made his badniks kill the mobians, everyone except for Tails who was out to get something. After some time and trying to calm himself with a song, he couldn’t handle it. He became insane, so insane he has torn his eyes out. His misery continued until he died.


Almost Everything

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails’ Insanity (READ DESCRIPTION)
– A Mod for Friday Night Funkin’.

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  1. Could i say yhat those badnikcs has something special to kill them so rapidly especcially shadow and knucles, they fucking oblitarate shadow, now we dont know if he used all hes power by getting of the rings but if he did what kind of power those badnicks has


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