FNF VS Boyfriends? – Who's The Best? | Troll Face Quest Funkin'

Troll Face Quest used to go hard fr
Troll Face Funkin’ Mod Page : https://gamebanana.com/mods/399946

Really had fun with this one. It was short, sweet, and honestly really unique. The Boyfriend / BF sprites were really nice as well. Idk just a super fun song lol. Super nice seeing something I used to play and watch a lot getting a FNF Mod. Really gives the feeling that there’s gonna be a Friday Night Funkin’ mod for everything soon.

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My channel primarily has videos showcasing mods within a rhythm video game, Friday Night Funkin’. Within this 4-key rhythm game four arrows fly upwards from the bottom of the screen making you push keys in time with the music/voice of the character you control. These FNF Mods range from incredibly easy to incredibly difficult though I always aim for good performance which takes practice and time. I often have tons of outtakes sometimes with up to several hours of footage which has to be edited and spliced around for my typical single single song showcases. I’ve even added a handcam, which has constantly been enlarged to show that all the videos I post have footage I recorded, edited, and played in. Along with this I sometimes post video essays or content about other things I’m especially passionate about, which is much more obviously made by me.


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