FNF Xon OST – Satin

There is no available download atm as the mod is still in the works

the original xon team of about 14 gathered people has been decreased to 3 people, i felt like too much of the mod was being made by other people than myself who would put my name on it, so i reduced the team drastically

Song is by me, dont try and claim it as your own you poopyhead

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/N8n24UKjbz
Friend Me On Discord: TwoopFromYoutube#6900 (Frequently Changes lol)
Newgrounds: https://twoopzemoist.newgrounds.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sneeze37167637
TikTok: Oh wait, i dont have one, and i never will

Q- What program do you use for animation?
A- Moho pro 13

Q- What PC do you currently use
A- some unamazing basic pc i3 optiplex windows 10 pc

Q- Are you the official fnf animator?
A- Ye- NO

Q- Can i commision?
A- not at the moment, may open in the future

Q- Can i reupload your animations?
A- No, and if you do be prepared for a warning and possible removal regardless of credit (WITH SOME EXCEPTIONS)

Q- Is your pfp a furry?
A- No, its based of a character a good friend of mine made when i was back in the msm community, not a furry. https://youtu.be/Yfm28OYSDcg

Q- Where did you learn to animate?
A- Self Taught

Q- What do u use to make music?
A- FL Studio 20


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