Fortnite Except I Only Use SHIELD KEG (overpowered)

i’m sick so ignore my voice but today i played fortnite while only using the new shield keg or sprinkler or whatever you want to call it. IT IS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!

Use code tomato because yes (epic partner)

Music from epidemicsound


42 thoughts on “Fortnite Except I Only Use SHIELD KEG (overpowered)”

  1. Couldn't I watch the video 2 hours ago? Then I know how a shield keg worked, because I was only using a pistol and I found a shield keg, but I didn't know what it did. I thought: nja, it doesn't matter. I just take it.
    Yeah, I lost.

  2. I made out their costume the car she’ll be roads because you maraschino oil issue barrels there actually called Schiel barrels it’s on when you throw them they give you a shield and in the middle of taking her so that way they call him she would’ve


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