Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* SPACEFARER ARIANA GRANDE SET! [October 21st, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop right now on October 21st, 2021.
Let’s see what’s in the Item Shop today!

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46 thoughts on “Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* SPACEFARER ARIANA GRANDE SET! [October 21st, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Thanks for using code ITF to support me! This set has me really confused, but hey, at least it's pretty neat!

    Spacefarer Ariana Grande Set – NEW
    Ariana Grande Set – 69 Days Ago
    Dynamo – 39 Days Ago
    Masked Fury/Libre/Piledriver – 103 Days Ago
    Chromium – 34 Days Ago
    Bao Bros – 30 Days Ago
    Revel – 52 Days Ago
    Finger Wag – 30 Days Ago
    Cap Kick – 31 Days Ago
    Rift Tour Countdown – NEW

    That's it for the shop today! Hope you all have yourselves an amazing day or night! Talk to you all later!

  2. We need a squid game crossover with the doll skin and the and the VIPs you can get them by doing the challenges and you can get the workers by doing challenges to with a spray and player 456 as a skin to by doin challenges I hope epic adds this please


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